Are You An Outstanding Independent Artists/Band In Country/Southern Rock/Bluegrass In the USA
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Eagle Dreams Promotions
I have reasonable rates ! I Can Give References Just Ask The Artists I Promote If
Being One Of Eagle Dreams Promotions Artists Has Made A Difference In Their
Music Career.. I don't make promises i can't keep, like get you a record deal, book you
for shows !! However if i run across something of interest like record companies seeking
new artists, radio stations wanting you to submit, magazines and venues i will make sure
I  let you know !! I am totally dedicated, supportive to the artists/bands with my company !!
I will help you build up your fan base/followers on reverbnation/twitter/ by helping you run it
i will not add or create phony accounts these are real artists/fans/followers already established on the sites. I will not buy plays/fans/followers !!

30.00 A Month Full Promotion/Music Manager. post on your music etc, i help you run your reverbnation/twitter/ Your Own Page On My website .
You Can Personally contact Me On RVBN, FaceBook, Twitter 
To Build Up Your Fan Base
I post/promote your music daily !!



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